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300 Dance Tracks from the 90's

300 Dance Tracks from the 90's

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Dreams (Will Come Alive).mp3
2 Fabiola - Play this song.mp3
2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This (1992).mp3
2 Unlimited - Here I Go.mp3
2 Unlimited - Maximum Overdrive.mp3
2 Unlimited - No Limit.mp3
2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance.mp3
2 Unlimited - Twilight zone.mp3
20 Fingers - Short Dick Man.mp3
49ers - Dont You Love Me.mp3
49ers - Touch Me.mp3
69 Boyz - Tootsee Roll (1994).mp3
666 - Alarma.mp3
740 Boys - Shimmy Shake.mp3
Ace of Base - All That She Wants.mp3
Ace Of Base - All That She Wants (1993).mp3
Ace Of Base - Beautiful Life (1995).mp3
Ace Of Base - The Sign.mp3
Ace Of Base - Wheel Of Fortune.mp3
Adamski feat. Seal - Killer.mp3
Alexia - Me And You.mp3
Alexia - Summer is Crazy.mp3
Amber - This Is Your Night (1997).mp3
Amnesia - Ibiza.mp3
And One - Metalhammer.MP3
Ann Lee - Two Times.mp3
Ann Lee - Voices.mp3
Antares - Ride On A Meteorite.mp3
Antico - We need freedom.mp3
Aqua - Barbie Girl.mp3
Area - Music For Your Eyes.mp3
Arkimed - L'Ultimo Dei Mohicani.mp3
ATB - 9 pm (Till I Come).mp3
ATC - Around The World.mp3
Babylon Zoo - Spaceman.mp3
BBE - 7 Days & One Week.mp3
Beats International - Dub Be Good To Me.mp3
Bellini - Samba De Janeiro.mp3
Bizarre Inc. - I'm Gonna Get You (1993).mp3
Black Box - Everybody, Everybody (1990).mp3
Black Box - Fantasy.MP3
Black Box - Ride On Time.mp3
Black Box - Strike It Up (1990).mp3
Black Machine - How Gee.mp3
Blue Alphabet - Cibertrance.mp3
Bob Marley Vs. Funkstar Deluxe - Sun Is Shining.mp3
Bosco - Satellite.mp3
Boyz II Men - Motownphilly (1991).mp3
Bucketheads - The Bomb (1995).mp3
C & C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat.mp3
C+C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat (1991).mp3
Cabballero - Hymn.mp3
Capella - Move On Baby.mp3
Capella - U Got 2 Let The Music.mp3
Capità Catalunya - Independència total.mp3
Captain Hollywood - More And More.mp3
Cartouche - Feel The Groove.MP3
Cartouche - Feel The Rain.mp3
Catchy tune - Generation of love.mp3
Cathy Dennis - Touch Me (1991).mp3
Ce Ce Peniston - Finally (1992).mp3
Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl.mp3
Cher - Believe.mp3
Cher - Believe (1999).mp3
Chimo Bayo - Bombas.mp3
Chimo Bayo - Extasi, Extano.mp3
Co.Ro feat. Taleesa - Because the night.mp3
Confetti's - C In China.mp3
Confetti's - The Sound of C.mp3
Corina - Temptation (1991).mp3
Corona - Baby Baby.mp3
Corona - Megamix.mp3
Corona - Rhythm Of The Night (1995).mp3
Corona - The Rhythm Of The Night.mp3
Crystal Waters - 100% Pure Love (1994).mp3
Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (1991).mp3
Culture Beat - Got to get it.mp3
Culture Beat - Mr. Vain.mp3
Culture Beat - Mr. Vain (1994).mp3
Cut' N' Move - Give It Up.mp3
D.K. Dance - It's a lot.mp3
Da Blitz - Let Me Be (Classic Mix).mp3
Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade.mp3
Daddy dj - Daddy dj.mp3
Daft Punk - Around The World (1997).mp3
Deee Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (1990).mp3
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (1990).mp3
Diario - Sunchyme.mp3
Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance (1990).mp3
Dj Bobo - Somebody Dance With Me.mp3
DJ Bobo (featuring Irene Cara) - What A Feeling.mp3
Dj Galaga - It's on you.mp3
DJ Ötzi - Anton aus Tirol.mp3
DJ Ötzi - Hey Baby.mp3
Dj Quicksilver - Bellisima.mp3
Dj Sylvan - Guitar Spell.mp3
Doop - Doop.mp3
Double Dee feat. Dany - Found Love.mp3
Double You - Please Don´t Go.mp3
Dr. Alban - Dr. Alban Megamix.mp3
Dr. Alban - It's My Life.mp3
Dr. Alban - Look Who's Talking.mp3
Dr. Alban - Sing Hallelujah.mp3
Dream Frequency - Take me.mp3
Dunne - Espiral.mp3
East 17 - Its allright.mp3
East Side Beat - Ride Like The Wind.mp3
Echo Bass - Say Up & Down.mp3
Eiffel 65 - Blue (1999).mp3
Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee).mp3
EMF - Unbelievable (1991).mp3
Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar.mp3
Enigma - Mea Culpa.mp3
Enigma - Sadeness.mp3
Enigma - Sadeness Part 1 (1991).mp3
Erasure - Love To Hate You.mp3
Every Thing But The Girl - Missing.mp3
Everything But The Girl - Missing (1996).mp3
Faithless - Insomnia.mp3
Fatboy Slim - Praise You.mp3
Fatboy Slim - Praise You (1999).mp3
Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now.mp3
Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank.mp3
Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank (1998).mp3
Felix - Don't You Want Me.mp3
Four Seasons - Oh What A Night! (1994).mp3
FPI Project - Going back to my roots.mp3
Freaknasty - Da Dip (1997).mp3
Front 242 - Tragedy for You.mp3
Gala - Come Into My Life.mp3
Gala - Freed From Desire.mp3
George Michael - Freedom '90 (1990).mp3
Gigi d'Agostino - Elisir (Your Love).mp3
Gina G. - Ooh Aah...Just A Little Bit (1997).mp3
Guru Josh - Infinity.mp3
Guru Josh - Whose law (is it anyway).mp3
Haddaway - Rock My Heart.mp3
Haddaway - What Is Love.mp3
Haddaway - What Is Love (1993).mp3
House of Pain - Jump Around (1992).mp3
Ice Mc. - Cinema.mp3
Ice Mc. - Easy.mp3
Ice Mc. - It's A Rainy Day.mp3
Ice Mc. - Think about the way.mp3
Imperio - Atlantis.mp3
Imperio - Cyberdream.mp3
Information Society - Think.mp3
Ini Kamoze - Here Come The Hotstepper.mp3
Ini Kamoze - Here Comes The Hotstepper (1994).mp3
Inner City - Good Life.mp3
INOJ - Love You Down (1997).mp3
Jam & Spoon - Right In The Night.mp3
Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity (1997).mp3
Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do Without You (1991).mp3
Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight (1999).mp3
Jens - Loops & things.mp3
Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers - Swing The Mood (1990).mp3
Joe Smooth - Promised land.mp3
John Wesley - Lover Why.mp3
John Wesley - Words of humanity.mp3
Jordy - Dur dur d'être bébé.mp3
K7 - Come Baby Come (1993).mp3
KLF - 3 A.M. Eternal (1991).mp3
Kris Kross - Jump (1992).mp3
Kriss - Tonight.mp3
KWS - Please Don't Go (1992).mp3
La Bouche - Be My Lover.mp3
La Bouche - Be My Lover (1996).mp3
La Bouche - Summer Is Magic.mp3
La Bouche - Sweet Dreams (1996).mp3
Le Click - Call Me (1997).mp3
Le Click - Tonight Is The Night (1997).mp3
Lil Louis - French Kiss.mp3
Lisa Stanfield - All Around The World (1990).mp3
Locomia - Locomia.mp3
Londonbeat - I've Been Thinking About You (1991).mp3
Lou Bega - Mambo #5 (1999).mp3
Lou Bega - Mambo No 5.mp3
Madonna - Ray of Light (1998).mp3
Madonna - Vogue (1990).mp3
Marcia Griffiths - Electric Boogie (1990).mp3
Mariah Carey - Make It Happen (1992).mp3
Marky Mark Wahlberg - Good Vibrations (1991).mp3
Marusha - Somewhere Over The Rainbow.mp3
Masterboy - Feel The Heat Of The Night.mp3
Masterboy - Show me Colours.mp3
Mc Hammer - U Can't Touch This.mp3
MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This (1990).mp3
Mc. Sar & Real Mc. Coy - It's on you.mp3
Michael Jackson - Black Or White (1991).mp3
Milk Inc - In my eyes.mp3
Miss Jane - It's A Fine Day.mp3
Moby - Bodyrock (1999).mp3
Moby - Go.mp3
Mo-Do - Eins, Zwei, Polizei.mp3
Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It (1995).mp3
Mystic - Ritmo de la Noche.mp3
Natasha Hagen - You & You.mp3
New limit - Scream.mp3
New limit - Smile.mp3
Newton - Streamline.mp3
Nicki French - Total Eclipse Of The Heart (1995).mp3
Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On.mp3
No Mercy - Where Do You Go (1996).mp3
N-Trance - Set You Free.mp3
N-Trance - Stayin' Alive.mp3
N-Trance feat. Rod Stewart - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy.mp3
Olive - You're not alone.mp3
OMC - How Bizarre (1997).mp3
Opus III - It's A Fine Day.mp3
Paco Pil - Johnny Techno Ska.mp3
Paco Pil - Viva La Fiesta.mp3
Paperboy - Ditty (1993).mp3
Piano Negro - In Africa.mp3
Pinocchio - Pinocchio vai.mp3
Pinocchio - Tu tatuta tuta ta.mp3
Planet Soul - Set U Free (1996).mp3
Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (1997).mp3
Quad City DJ's - C'mon N' Ride It (1996).mp3
Quad City DJ's - Space Jam (1996).mp3
Real McCoy - Another Night (1994).mp3
Real McCoy - Come And Get Your Love (1995).mp3
Real McCoy - Run Away (1995).mp3
Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe.mp3
Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It.mp3
Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It (1994).mp3
Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca (1999).mp3
Robert Miles - Children.mp3
Robert Miles - Children (1996).mp3
Robert Miles - Fable (Dream Version).mp3
Robert Miles - One And One.mp3
Robin S. - Show Me Love (1993).mp3
Rozalla - Everybody's Free (1992).mp3
Rozalla - Everybody's Free (To Feel Good).mp3
Sacred Spirit - Gitchi-Manidoo.mp3
Santana - Smooth (1999).mp3
Sash! - Ecuador.mp3
Sash! - Encore Une Fois.mp3
Sash! feat. La trec - Stay.mp3
Scatman John - Scatman.mp3
Scatman John - Scatman (1995).mp3
Scooter - Faster Harder Scooter.mp3
Scooter - Friends.mp3
Scooter - Hyper Hyper.mp3
Scooter - Let me be your Valentine.mp3
Seal - Crazy.mp3
Shaft - (Mucho Mambo) Sway.mp3
Sin With Sebastian - Shut Up (And Sleep With Me).mp3
Sir Mix A Lot - Baby Got Back (1992).mp3
Sister Queen - Let me be your drag queen.mp3
Snap - Cult of Snap.mp3
Snap - I've Got The Power.MP3
Snap - Oops Up.mp3
Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer.mp3
Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer (1992).mp3
Snap - The First The Last Eternity.mp3
Snap - The Power.mp3
Snap - The Power (1990).mp3
Soul II Soul - Back To Life (1990).mp3
Spacefront - Strange.mp3
Spanic - Sister golden hair.mp3
Spice Girls - Wannabe.mp3
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (1999).mp3
Stars On 54 - If You Could Read My Mind.mp3
Stereo MC's - Connected (1993).mp3
Sunbeam - Outside World.mp3
Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (1990).mp3
Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (DNA Remix).mp3
Tag Team - Whoomp! There It Is (1993).mp3
Take That - Could It Be Magic.mp3
Technotronic - Get Up (before the night is over).mp3
Technotronic - Move This (1992).mp3
Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam.mp3
Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam (1990).mp3
The B52's - Love Shack (1990).mp3
The Blackout Allstars - I Like It (1997).mp3
The Immortals - Mortal Kombat (1995).mp3
The KLF - 3 A.M. Eternal (Live at the S.S.L.).mp3
The KLF - America-What Time Is Love.mp3
The KLF - Last train to Trancentral (Live From The Lost Continent).mp3
The Notorious B.I.G. - Mo Money, Mo Problems (1997).mp3
The Outthere Brothers - Boom boom boom.mp3
The Tamperer feat. Maya - Feel It.mp3
Tony Di Bart - The Real Thing.mp3
Touch & Go - Would you....mp3
Twenty 4 Seven - I Can't Stand It.mp3
U96 - Night In Motion.mp3
Undercover - Bakerstreet.mp3
Urban Cookie Collective - The Key, The Secret.mp3
Us3 - Cantaloop (1994).mp3
Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice baby.mp3
Vengaboys - Boom Boom Boom.mp3
Vengaboys - Up & Down.mp3
Vengaboys - We Like To Party.mp3
Vengaboys - We Like To Party! (1999).mp3
Vengaboys - We're going to Ibiza.mp3
Veracocha - Carte Blanche.mp3
Whigfield - Saturday Night.mp3
Whitney Houston - I'm Every Woman (1993).mp3
Will Smith - Gettin Jiggy Wit' It (1998).mp3
Will Smith - Men In Black (1997).mp3
Will Smith - Miami (1998).mp3
Wreckx N Effect - Rump Shaker (1992).mp3
Yello - The Race.mp3
Zhivago - Celebrate the love.mp3

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